Tsuneo Yamada is a Professor at Department of Informatics

Tsuneo Yamada


Tsuneo Yamada is a Professor at Department of Informatics and Center for Open and Distance Education, the Open University of Japan (OUJ). He is also a Professor of Department of Cyber Society and Culture at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI).

His main research fields are Informatics, Educational Technology, Learning Psychology, Second Language Learning and International Volunteer Studies. He has been engaged both in the study on advanced use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in educational fields and in the development of various multimedia learning content for second language learning, teacher education, and informatics education, using new technologies such as DVD, Web, MOOC and speech technologies.

His current interests are on the development and evaluation of learning objects and MOOCs, the strategies for their sharing and distribution, their quality assurance and the customization using learning analytics. He is participating in several Open Educational Resources (OER) movements, such as Global Learning Object Brokered Exchange (GLOBE), OER Asia, Japan Open Courseware Consortium (JOCW) and Japan Massive Open Online Course (Deputy Secretary General, JMOOC) and in international standardization activities, such as IMS Global Learning Consortium. As a founding member of JMOOC, OUJ launched a JMOOC-official platform, “OUJ MOOC”, in April 2014. He is both the coordinator of the MOOC platform and the principal lecturer of a MOOC entitled “Japanese Starter (A1)”. In this spring, he also participated in the establishment of IMS Japan Society.